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Chiropractor St Louis Park MN Heather Flatgard Adjustment

Our St. Louis Park Chiropractors use adjustments in order to restore movement in a joint that is fixated, this allows for normal function and pain-free range of motion. Generally, this technique employs a painless and gentle pressure or a shallow thrust to restore optimal motion. These adjustments directly affect muscle and bone structures by reducing pain and increasing the normal range of motion.

Chiropractic Care in St. Louis Park Explained

To date, many studies of acupuncture and massage have proven its effectiveness, safety, and high levels of patient satisfaction. The U.S. Agency for Health Care Policy deemed this technique as the gold standard for treating low back pain. Since the agency’s initial findings, more research has been conducted on neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and physical rehabilitation.

Acupuncture and massage have become a popular, effective, and safe treatment option for acute and chronic pain and problems of the spine, along with many other orthopedic conditions including shoulder pain, rotator cuff injury, arthritis of the knees and hips, elbow and wrist pain, tendonitis, ankle, and foot pain as well as other non-surgical bone, joint, and soft tissue condition.

Our team uses a wide variety of techniques that allow them to create a custom care plan for you so you can live pain-free! Our St. Louis Park team specializes in soft tissue techniques like Active Release Technique, Graston, Cupping, along with spinal decompression techniques like Flexion and Distraction. Our practice has everything you need to treat all of your aches and pain.

What to Expect

Your first visit:

Step 1 – Relieve
Initially the goals are to relieve your symptoms while improving function & mobility.

Step 2 – Reduce & Rehabilitate
Once your initial symptoms have been treated, the next step is to rehabilitate. During this process we start to release muscle adhesions in tight and overused muscles that cause restrictive movement patterns, while strengthening and stabilizing weak muscles in order to reduce the change of flare ups.

Step 3 – Restore
Restore structural balance, stabilize posture, while minimizing or absolving symptoms in order to maintain function, health and wellness and preventing further injury/degeneration.

A.R.T. - Active Release Technique®

ART® is a therapeutic soft tissue technique that was developed to correct dysfunctions in muscles, ligaments, and tendons, that are not responding to more traditional treatments. Headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, shoulder pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, knee problems, and tennis elbow are just a few of the many conditions that can be resolved quickly and permanently with ART®.

Chiropractor St Louis Park MN Heather Flatgard ART
Chiropractor St Louis Park MN Heather Flatgard ART

The goal of ART® is to remove any adhesions or scar tissues in the area treated in order to restore it’s optimal texture, range of motion, and release any entrapped nerves or blood vessels. This is accomplished through specific protocols that involve precise targeting and stretching of the involved tissues. Adhesions may occur as a result of an acute injury, repetitive motion, and constant pressure or tension. ART® eliminates the pain and dysfunction associated with these adhesions and increases flexibility. ART® helps resolve injuries faster than other treatment methods so you can get back to doing what you love sooner! This technique is widely used by many colleges, amateur, professional, and Olympic athletes to treat and prevent injury as well as anyone looking to improve their health and be free from pain.


Cupping treatments use decompression in order to treat tightness in the fascia and soft tissues, helping improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. During the treatment, specially designed cups are placed on the skin and a vacuum is created by suctioning out the air. From this suction the underlying tissue is raised, or sucked, partway into the cup, which tugs on the tightest muscles, stretching the fascia.

Chiropractor St Louis Park MN Heather Flatgard Cupping Services
Chiropractor St Louis Park MN Heather Flatgard Cupping Services

The vacuum lifts the connective tissue of the muscle or bone and helps break up adhesions and drain stagnation while increasing blood and lymph flow.

Cupping is a very comfortable, noninvasive, therapeutic technique that helps treat stiff muscles, neck and back pain, fatigue, cold and allergies, cellulite, migraines, and many other issues.

Cupping pairs great with chiropractic and helps you feel your best!

Graston Technique®

Graston Technique® is a therapeutic treatment that allows us to detect and treat areas of scar tissue or adhesions throughout the body that can lead to pain and dysfunction. This technique can be very helpful in treating headaches, migraines, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, sprains/strains, rotator cuff issues, and shin splints just to name a few. This technique is suitable for all ages and is currently used by many college and professional sports teams, along with rehabilitative facilities to treat and prevent injuries.

Chiropractor St Louis Park MN Heather Flatgard Graston
Chiropractor St Louis Park MN Heather Flatgard Graston

During the healing process, our body attempts to repair muscles, tendons, and ligaments with scar tissue, just like the scar that forms on your skin when you scrape your knee. That scar tissue is not as strong and flexible as normal, healthy, undamaged tissue. Over time we tend to build up this fibrous scar tissue, particularly in muscles, tendons, and ligaments that we use regularly. This can cause pain and lead to dysfunction because this replacement tissue lacks the strength, and flexibility of healthy tissue.


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